Iquique Port

Iquique Port


Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering

Iquique Terminal Internacional S.A., appointed the engineering services to PRDW-AV for the New Container and General Cargo Terminal, at berth 4 of the Port of Iquique. 

PRDW-AV was responsible for the conceptual, basic and detail engineering, of all marine works and land and facilities including services and field surveys. 
The project consisted in dredging for larger depths, stabilize the existing quay wall and a new antiseismic berth. The seismic design of the pier was executed using a seismic analysis for the structural performance.

PRDW-AV performed the following projects: 

>  New berth design.
>  Dredging. 
>  Pavements by Adocreto.
>  Power and lightning. 
> Fire system. 
>  Cathodic protection.
The following studies were also executed: 
>  Environmental Impact Study. 
>  Operational studies for definition of areas of pre-shipment and storage. 
>  Study of local operational and design wave conditions.
>  Study of operational downtime.
>  Ship maneuvering and navigation aids. 
>  Seismic risk. 
>  Numerical modeling study for navigation to minimize dredging in rock. 
>  Soil Mechanics. 
>  Bathymetry and oceanographic measurements.