Port of Lirquén

Port of Lirquén


Conceptual, Basic, Detail Engineering and Construction Advisory Services

Port of Lirquén S.A., appointed PRDW Aldunate Vásquez for the engineering services for the new reclamation (9.5 Ha) in the La Tosca sector of the port of Lirquén.

PRDW-AV was responsible the basic and detail engineering for the coastal protection, compacted fill and rain drainage system, including the basic coastal engineering studies.
The project objective was to gain support stack areas with a reclamation for which a controlled and dynamically compacted fill was designed. For coastal protection a quarry rock revetment was designed.

PRDW-AV executed the following activities:

>  Study of coastal conditions. 
>  Study of design wave condition.
>  Study of coastal morphology and reclamation impact.
>  Coastal protection.
>  Controlled fill.
>  Dynamic fill compaction.
>  Rain drainage system.
>  Cosntruction method.
>  Technical specifications and bidding terms of reference.
>  Advisory services to the construction site inspection.