LNG Quintero

LNG Quintero


Preliminary, Basic and Detail Engineering

Project Sheet:

GNL Quintero S.A. required engineering services for the development of an EPC project for a new terminal for LNG unloading. 

The EPC contract for the marine works was appointed to BELFI S.A., for whom PRDW-AV developed the project of a jetty for LNG ships up to 265.000 m3.

The project included: 

>  Access trestle 1700 m long, platform for lire, electric station building, others.
>  Platform with unloading arms and topside. 
>  Mooring and breasting dolphins and gangways. 
>  Sea water intake and discharge.
Engineering by PRDW-AV also included: 
>  Study of wave climate and extreme waves. 
>  Downtime study and moored ship dynamics modeling. 
>  Study of tsunami risk and modeling. 
>  Special seismic analysis.