Chollin Marine Terminal

The project included a jetty and a mechanized system with an unloading capacity of 1,200 TPH of coal, to service Panamax bulk carriers up to 80,000 DWT. The engineering services included the design of all marine works; platform for two fixed unloaders of 1,000 TPH capacity each, mooring system, mooring dolphins, hoppers support structures, transfer towers platforms and access trestle of 1,080 m length. Also included equipment technical specifications and design of the mechanical system compounded by hoppers and conveyor belts with 1,200 TPH capacity. The engineering executed by PRDW included:

  • Analysis and definition of marine terminal layout.
  • Analysis of coal unloading equipment (cranes, hoppers, conveyor belts, transfer towers and others).
  • Study of coastal natural conditions.
  • Study of wave climate and wave penetration to the berth site.
  • Study with numerical model of the ships at berth dynamics.
  • Study of the jetty operational availability (downtime).
  • Technical documents for construction tender.
  • Advice for equipment quotations and offers evaluation.
  • Client support and advice in construction phase.

Also PRDW was responsible, supervised and coordinated the geotechnical studies and the oceanographic field measurements.