Angamos Port

PRDW was responsible from the preliminary design for the tender (type BOT) up to the detail engineering of all marine and land works, including facilities, buildings, field studies, and others.
The project of land side works and facilities considered:

  • Storage area project of 7 ha.
  • Railway lines project.
  • Road line, including gateway.
  • Road aids.
  • Pavements design.
  • Electrical and lighting installations.
  • Fire fighting lines project.
  • Drinking water project from a reverse osmosis plant.
  • Wastewater and treatment plant project.
  • Buildings: operational offices, administrative office, dressing house, dining rooms, maintenance workshop, electric substations.

The marine works project considered:

  • Design of 2 berths of a 50m wide by 219m long, with a concrete deck supported on steel piles.
  • Design of 2 berths , 201m wide and 170m length, with a steel sheet pile structure.
  • Design of a wave attenuator of 200m long. With a structure of 8 steel sheet pile circular cofferdam of 24m diameter each.
  • Reclamation of 6 ha for pre-stacking area, which considered marine fills up to 20m high, and dynamic compaction.
  • Ship manoeuvring and navigation aids.
  • Seismic risk study.
  • Verification of seismic design using the performance method.
  • Cathodic protection project.

Supervision, review and coordination of the following studies and activities:

  • Physical model.
  • Operational studies.
  • Geotechnical studies.
  • Oceanographic field measurements.
  • Operational studies.
  • Geotechnical investigation and studies.
  • Topography.

It should be mentioned that these marine works experienced an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in November 2007 and another magnitude 8.2 in April 2014, showing in both an
optimum behaviour, accordingly with the design premises.