Cape Town Breakwater

The main breakwater of the Port of Cape Town provides protection from wave action to the Port and the V&A Waterfront.

TNPA appointed PRDW to develop the rehabilitation project. The Scope of Works included the following:

  • Development of an optimized rehabilitation design of the main breakwater. This included preliminary designs, 3D physical model tests, drawings, technical specifications, and tender documentation. PRDW specified and supervised the 3D physical model study done at the CSIR in Stellenbosch, South Africa;
  • Determination of the environmental requirements and development of environmental plan. This task was involved the coordination between the client, PRDW and main stake holders, TNPA and V&A Waterfront. The EMP was prepared by EOH as a sub consultant of PRDW;
  • Development of a maintenance strategy; and
  • Provide a skills transfer platform for TNPA junior staff.