Gabon iron ore transhipment

PRDW collated desktop and locally sourced information on existing port operations and conditions for navigation. Based on the  Client’s proposed phasing of the export throughput, PRDW developed conceptual logistical solutions and potential locations for stockpiling, barge loading and transhipment operations.

Numerical modelling was performed in order to define the metocean conditions at the various sites. This enabled optimal siting of the load out jetty and transhipment site as well as confirming availability for loading operations.

Logistics models were used to determine the optimal spread of marine and land side equipment for stockpiling, loading, barging and transhipping for each phase of the proposed iron ore export.

CAPEX and OPEX cost estimates were then prepared in order to define a cost/ton for iron  ore export. Analysis of the cost estimates allowed for refined site selection, optimisation  of phasing strategy and recommendations for further analysis in the DFS phase of the project.