Guinea Bauxite

The scope of work included:

  • Numerical modelling of coastal processes
  • Transhipment analysis
  • Port development options and trade-off assessment
  • Preliminary design of preferred port facility

Five port development alternatives were developed based on the terminal’s functional requirements, environmental conditions and opportunities and constraints. Each of the alternatives involved either direct loading at the quay or transhipment.

Numerical wave , current and sediment transport models were developed to assess the coastal processes around Cape Verga. The MIKE Spectral Waves model was used for wave refraction modelling while the MIKE Flow Flexible Mesh model was used to simulate tidal and wind driven currents as well as water level variations.

The following primary marine infrastructure components were developed as part of the study:

  • Causeway
  • Access trestle
  • Deck-on-pile berthing structures
  • Dredging works
  • Breakwaters

The access trestle and berthing structures were modelled in the Prokon Frame Analysis software package. The most adverse operational and extreme loads envisaged were used in the preliminary design of the structural members.