Kudu power project

The development of the Kudu CCGT Power station was commissioned by the  national electricity utility of Namibia, NamPower (Pty) Ltd. The Kudu Gas Field  which is located 170km off-shore will provide the power station with natural gas for the gas turbine  operation.

PRDW was requested to prepare a concept and preliminary design which Murray & Roberts could use as the basis of their tender. The scope of the design looked at the project specific functional requirements, the environmental conditions and the conceptual and preliminary design of various key structural components. All aspects of the design had to be aligned with the construction methodology proposed by the Murray & Roberts.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Subsea pipeline location and route selection
  • Intake structure – location, hydraulic and structural design
  • Intake pipeline – hydraulic, structural and on-bottom stability design
  • Structural design and conceptual layout of the pump station based on details supplied by others. The layout of the pump station makes provision for an intake water settling chamber, pump chambers, a valve chamber, a pigging chamber, a chlorination unit room, an electrical room, general offices and a workspace area
  • Discharge pipeline – hydraulic, structural and on-bottom stability design
  • Outfall diffuser – location and hydraulic design
  • On-shore pressure pipeline between the pump station and the power station
  • Navigation Aids, if deemed necessary, to mark the location of the intake structure