Luanda Waterfront Development

Baia de Luanda was considered a flagship project which would showcase Angola as a place of beauty with growth prospects and potential for businesses and visitors from around the world.

The dredging works were required primarily to provide material for the reclamation of parcels of land which would be developed further in future. This formed the commercial basis of the project.

Much of the dredged material had to be treated to remove contaminants which had accumulated in the bay over the years.

Care was also required to ensure that lenses of silt that could pose a risk of subsidence were identified and removed as part of the dredging campaign. This required additional geotechnical investigations.

The revetment protecting the reclamation edge was designed to aesthetically match the existing revetment, and consisted of hexagonal precast concrete blocks.

PRDW was involved in the marine aspects of the development which included:

  • Pre-design investigations
  • Conceptual design of marine works
  • Detail design of marine works
  • Contract administration and quality control