Maldives Reethi Rah Resort

Reclamation design
Study and Design
PRDW were appointed by the Sultans of the Seas / Kerzner International to conduct a review of the reclamation quantities after a dispute arose between the contractor and designer. This review was later extended to a review of the reclamation design, specifically addressing island levels, structure levels and revetment and groyne details
Maldives, Male Atoll, Medhufinolhu
2003 - 2004

Medhufinolhu, an island within the Male Atoll, within the Maldive Atoll, was to be increased in size from 900m long and 120m wide to a length of over 1700m and a width varying from 420m at the southern end to 610m at the northern end. This was in order that the new Reethi Rah Resort (RRR) could be constructed.

To stabilise the reclaimed island, which was created by dredging the surrounding coral reefs, Riyan Design Consultants included the construction of numerous revetments and groynes in their design. In total, 7 groynes and 14 revetments were to be constructed around the perimeter of the reclaimed island.

A second phase involved the design review which commenced with the collection and processing of design wave conditions for each structure around the island perimeter considering offshore conditions, transformation over the barrier reef, locally generated wind effects, etc.

With this information available, the structural detail (crest height, slope, armour size, scour protection, etc) of the numerous revetments and groynes were reviewed. From this review changes to rock armour sizes and crest levels to maintain acceptable degrees of overtopping were recommended.

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