Posco sea water intake

The project involved the design of sea water syphon located at a depth of-8.0m NRS through a pipeline of approx. 0.9m in diameter to 5.200m³/h and design of the outfall discharge of approx. 0.93m in diameter to 3.500m³/h with their respective diffusers located at the altitude -8m NRS.

The project also considered the structural design of pier pipe support and suction towers.

The project considered the following analysis and studies:

  • Hydrodynamic analysis to determine loads on the pipe.
  • Design of the ballast for stability of the pipe.
  • Design of water intake tower.
  • Verification of the hydraulic analysis of pipeline and heights in the uptake and discharge bilge.
  • Study of variation of beach profile to define stretch buried.
  • Analysis of charges for the launch and assembly.
  • Diffuser design discharge and diameter of the outfall.
  • Structural design of coastal structures.