Port of Durban – Airport

The Port of Durban is currently the largest and busiest port in Africa with the main cargo type being containers. The port serves the greater Durban area with most of its cargo destined for the hinterland and Gauteng industrial complex. With the rapid growth and forecast future demand in container traffic the current handling capacity in Durban will not be sufficient within the next few years. A number of options have been considered in order to significantly increase the container handling capacity along the eastern seaboard in order to meet the container demands over the next 50 years.

This study was commissioned to undertake a high level review of developing the Durban Airport Site into a deep water mega container port. The secondary role of the port could be to accommodate bulk liquid and motor vehicles.

The study included the following work for the proposed port:
•Develop a Port Development Framework plan
•Determine the potential cargo handling capacity
•Define the spatial requirements
•Develop an implementation programme
•Determine a rough order of magnitude cost
•Identify high risk items

The findings of this study were used to assist Transnet in the decision to purchase the required land and proceed with further port development feasibility studies.