Punta Pereira port terminal

Multipurpose terminal for Montes del Plata mill plant
Detail Engineering
Belfi S.A. – Techint Ingeniería y Construcción (BT) requested PRDW the development of the detailed engineering for a new multipurpose terminal for Montes del Plata mill plant, a join venture between Stora Enso and Arauco, located in Conchillas, Department of Colonia, Uruguay. PRDW was responsible of the detail engineering at all the maritime area.
Uruguay, Punta Pereira
2011 - 2013

The project included the detailed engineering for a multipurpose terminal, including a barge wharf for unloading wood logs, a waiting berth to receive the unloaded barges and an ocean wharf to unload chemicals and load cellulose. It also included the design of a 1.30km breakwater.

The terminal will handle, annually:

  • 2.8 million tons of wood logs in the barge wharf.
  • 0.2 million tons of chemicals in the ocean wharf.
  • 1.3 million tons of cellulose in the ocean wharf.

The barge and ocean wharf were design and constructed with precast concrete blocks that constitute a gravitational wall. The waiting berth was design with monopile dolphins.

PRDW executed the following studies:

  • 2D Breakwater physical model.
  • Coastal natural conditions study.
  • Wave climate and extreme waves study.
  • Moored ship dynamics modelling.
  • Mooring system for barges.

Also coordinated and supervised the following services:

  • Electricity and lighting.
  • Control and instrumentation.
  • Paving design.
  • Rainwater system.
  • Potable water and sewer system.
  • Firefighting system
  • HVAC system in offices and electrical rooms.

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