Sea water intake and outfall LNG Quintero

For natural gas gasification proccess
Basic and Detail Design
GNL Quintero S.A. appointed PRDW, in an EPC type contract, to design the proposed sea water intake and outfall for natural gas gasification.
Chile, Valparaíso, Bay of Quintero
2007 - 2008

The project involved the design of sea water intake located at -14m NRS through a pipeline of approx. 1.8m in diameter and a sea water outfall and their respective diffusers located at -12m NRS.

The project considered the following analysis and studies:

  • Hydrodynamic analysis to determine loads on the pipe
  • Ballast design for pipe stability
  • Determination of pipe diameter
  • Design of water intake tower
  • Pipeline hydraulic analysis verification and intake and outfall system heights
  • Beach variation study to define buried pipeline section
  • Loading analysis for launch and assembly
  • Loading analysis for temporary sheet piling considered during construction
  • Diffuser and outfall diameter design
  • Chlorination pipe design and installation

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