Fujairah intake

In 2014 the Port of Fujairah, in the Gulf of Oman on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), commenced construction of a Service Harbour south of the main harbour area, designated to be used for the loading, parking, servicing and supply of service vessels and tugs. The work includes an eastward extension of the existing reclamation of approximately 250 x 550 m2.

The Port of Fujairah requested that the existing Fujairah Fresh Water Production Co. intake pipeline be relocated and extended beyond the revetment of the newly reclaimed land. The entire length of the Intake pipeline rests on the seabed with approximately 300 m buried under the future reclamation and 135 m exposed.

Fugro Subsea LLC were awarded the contract on an EPC basis. Their schedule allowed just 90 days for the design, the relocation of the existing pipeline and the installation of  the new pipeline extension from the date of signing the contract. PRDW was appointed as technical sub-consultants with the following design scope of work:

  • Transformation of the offshore metocean data to the pipeline site
  • Hydraulic design of the intake pipeline
  • On-bottom stability of the intake pipeline
  • Analysis of the differential settlement of the intake pipe under the revetment
  • Design of concrete weight collars for the exposed length of pipeline
  • Design of concrete culverts to protect the section of pipeline placed under the new revetment
  • Stability analysis of the existing intake pedestal structure
  • Pipeline installation engineering,
  • Preparation of detailed design documentation
  • Preparation of IFC drawings

Despite the tight deadlines, PRDW’s deliverables were submitted on time and under budget, and the pipeline was successfully installed by Fugro.