Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Whilst retaining the working aspects of the harbour, namely fishing, ship repair and tug berthing, the docklands have been upgraded with a mix of retail, commercial, hotel and residential development. Use of the harbour basins has increased with tourist and recreational boating. New water bodies have been added to the Waterfront by the creation of a yacht marina and a perched canal system that links the Waterfront to the City.

The professional services that have been provided for the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront have covered a wide range of projects including the following:

Planning and feasibility studies of marine aspects of:

  • The new marina and perched canal system
  • Granger Bay shoreline development
  • Analysis of surge resonance and water quality

Detailed design and construction implementation of contracts which included:

  • Bulk excavation and reclamation works
  • Dolos armoured revetment
  • Concrete jetty and quay wall structures
  • Timber wharf structures
  • Pedestrian bascule bridges
  • Small craft ramp and mooring infrastructure
  • Boat canal
  • Boat lock
  • Floating jetties

The project is ongoing and the current thrust of development is the final phase of development in Granger Bay.