Study of container drift due to tsunami events

TIDeS is an in-house model, that simulates the induced drift of shipping containers caused by tsunami currents.

The container drift is computed from the hydrodynamics of a modelled tsunami. The model solves the impact physics of a group of interacting free bodies and the built environment of the coastal zones. The interaction between the containers and the bottom is also considered when the water depth is not deep enough to keep the elements afloat.

The necessary inputs required to carry out this kind of study are detailed below:
I ) Tsunami model:
- Local bathymetry
- Coastal topography, including the built environment such as house, buildings, etc.
- Seismic information
II) Spatial distribution of containers within the port, including information on the size, weight and orientation.

The results of the model are presented through:
> Maps with the trajectory followed by each container, indicating location at each simulated hour and at the end of the simulation.
> Maps indicating risk zones for container impacts.
> Animation of the interaction between the containers and the built environment during the tsunami induced drift.
The model results will allow identification of coastal areas and structures prone to be affected by the container drift during tsunami events. Additionally, the model will allow estimation of the amount of cargo likely to be drifted offshore and lost during these extreme events.

The model results will help the necessary port planning in order to reduce the environmental impact caused by the container drift under tsunami events.

Lastly, it will be possible to estimate the structural impact caused by the container drift on structures likely to be in their path.

*** Disclaimer: the images presented here are only references and are not meant to measure any kind of tsunami risk to any location***

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