Dredging and reclamation

Design, environmental assessment and supervision of dredging and reclamation works.

Complex dredging and reclamation works require the consultant to engage with specialist dredging contractors at an early stage of the project to ensure diligent risk management to execute timeously and within budget.

Designing and planning dredging and reclamation projects entails finding the most efficient solution to the disposal and re-use of dredging materials. Relocation or re-use must be carefully considered from an engineering and environmental perspective.

As specialists in dredging and reclamation works, PRDW has extensive experience in a broad range of associated disciplines, including:

  • Numerical modelling of dredged plumes
  • Numerical modelling of environmental impacts of dredging and reclamation
  • Planning and design of dredging projects
  • Planning and design of reclamation works
  • Site investigations and environmental monitoring
  • Development of geotechnical models for dredged material assessment

PRDW adheres to the project life-cycle process adding value from conceptual to detail design and ultimately to construction and execution of the works.

Dredging requires good understanding of geotechnical and geophysical site investigations. These processes are used as input to project execution planning and costing.

PRDW holds a large database of executed works which assists engineers to assess workability and downtime of dredging and land reclamation equipment. Good understanding of the costs associated with dredging and reclamation works is the foundation for the success of large scale marine projects.

Some examples of applications and expertise are as follows:

  • Slope stability of dredged channels and basins
  • Environmental and operational impact assessments of dredged areas
  • Planning and assessment of maintenance dredging campaigns
  • Deepening and widening of navigation and approach channels
  • Beach design and enhancement through nourishment and reclamation
  • Island and reclamation design
  • Temporary and permanent sand bypassing schemes
  • Soil improvement
  • Major capital dredging works for new ports and port expansions
  • Assessment of quay wall stability for deepening of berths