Site investigations

Planning, specifying, procuring, monitoring and reviewing of marine and land based site investigations.

As port and coastal engineering specialists, PRDW have a good understanding of what site information is required and what investigations are required for the development of port and coastal infrastructure.

PRDW has extensive experience in scoping, specifying, procuring, monitoring, reviewing and processing of both land based and marine based site investigations.

PRDW understands the project life-cycle process and the level of site information required for the project from pre-feasibility to detail design. We can therefore specify cost effective and appropriate site investigations for each project phase.

Typical projects that we specify site investigations for include:

  • Coastal processes modelling (e.g. waves, sediment transport)
  • Port and harbour developments
  • Jetty and quay structures
  • Breakwaters and revetments
  • Dredge design and slope stability
  • Beach design and enhancement
  • Submarine pipelines

PRDW have experience in specifying a broad range of site investigations, including:

  • Geotechnical (Boreholes, CPT’s, Jet probes, Vibrocores, trial pits)
  • Topographic surveys
  • Single and multi beam hydrographic surveys
  • Geophysical/Seismic surveys
  • Side scan sonar and magnetometer surveys
  • Site and laboratory test requirements
  • Geotechnical sampling and testing
  • Dive and visual inspections
  • Beach profile monitoring
  • Metocean data collection (wave, current, water levels, tidal, temperature, turbidity, salinity, wind)