about us

PRDW is an international group of consulting engineers practising exclusively in the specialist areas of port and coastal engineering.

At PRDW we strive for innovative solutions, sustainable designs, technical feasibility and economically efficient projects.

Global structure

One company

Independent shareholding
Founded in 1992

30+ years’ experience

Integrated and focussed management team
4 Founding directors

each with 40+ years’ experience

Company Profile

PRDW offers the full range of consulting engineering services from investigations, planning and feasibility studies to basic and detailed design, tender documents, supervision of construction and post construction monitoring.

PRDW provides a team of civil, coastal, hydraulic, structural and geotechnical engineers with specialist expertise for a wide range of marine structures; mechanical engineers skilled in materials handling; engineers and scientists versed in oceanography, wave conditions, coastal processes, physical and mathematical modelling; a master mariner providing skills relevant to navigation and port planning studies; and quantity surveyors experienced in contracts, specifications and cost estimates.

PRDW has over 130 employees internationally of which two thirds are graduates and one third is post-graduates. Our staff complement consists of a wide range technical staff at different levels to ensure that projects are executed at the most cost-effective rates.

Global Footprint

PRDW’s primary offices in South Africa and Chile are supported by local offices in Australia, USA, Brazil and Panama to expand PRDW’s footprint across four continents.

a bit of history

PRDW was formed in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa and has expanded over the years and presently operates as an international group working in several territories with offices in South Africa, Chile, Australia, USA, Panama and Brazil.

In 2013 PRDW was established as a global company led by four global directors who, together with their senior personnel, have devoted their professional careers to the pursuit of excellence in the field of marine civil engineering. PRDW are recognised as specialists in this field, reflected in the number of awards received over the years. All directors participate actively as engineers on each project.